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The Nats bullpen gives away another game. I heard a post-game interview with Manny Acta last week after another bullpen-blown game saying he’d pulled the starter not because of the percentages or some righty/lefty matchup, but because the guy had thrown “108 pitches.” Somebody should tell Acta he ain’t managing a minor league team, protecting bonus babies for the big league club. This IS the big league.

Bob Feller threw 38 complete games in one season, and he played forever! And walked through five feet of snow just to get to the mound!

Butt seriously: This pitch count crap has gotten totally out of hand. Taking Scott Olsen out in his first outing back from a shoulder injury, like Acta did last night, is one thing, though Olsen was rolling and had given up one hit in his last four innings before getting yanked.

But whenever there’s a question of whether or not to go to the bullpen, Acta errs on the side of a new arm, as much as those decisions have burned his team and its fans. If he wanted to protect limbs for a living, he shoulda become an arborist.

And 108 pitches is all a guy’s good for anymore?



Clearly I didn’t get to decompress after last night’s loss in Florida: There was no Nats postgame show on the flagship WTOP WFED radio broadcast! Half the fun of having a horrible baseball team comes in listening to the loonies rant on the postgame show, and agreeing with them!


Familiarity breeds contempt, and it’s gonna happen around here with the now beloved Chris Cooley. Exhibit A, via the great Dan Steinberg: Here’s Cooley boasting about burning a dead cow, just because.

Can’t make a moral argument that animal desecration should be left to the folks who cut my steaks. But the glee of this blog post just seems creepy. And naive. Didn’t ANYBODY think that maybe this ain’t gonna go over well with the general public. Who told Cooley this post would be a good idea, Ted Nugent?

Don’t be surprised to see “Cooley/Vick in ’12!” signs. Cooley was on safer ground when he was just showing folks his naughty bits. This is gonna get ugly.


Where do the morally bankrupt celebrate? With the financially bankrupt! Here’s Kobe Bryant at Six Flags.

And before you go protecting Bryant, please read the police transcripts — hers and his — from his SITUATION in Colorado a few years ago.


The caterer that wasn’t good enough for Nats fans is still good enough for out-of-towners. Turns out Centerplate, the stadium food service giant that got bounced out of Nationals Park after just one season and amid poor reviews all around, still does the DC Convention Center foodstuffs. I only know this because the convention center folks just bragged that Centerplate has brought in French Master Chef Philippe Chin to head up its kitchen, and introduced the cook to the business community with a lunch “caviar, roasted Muscovy duck roll, red chile crusted sea scallops, beef tenderloin, herb roasted rack of lamb, smoked salmon, oysters, boiled shrimp, and sushi.”

Screw the caviar and muscovy whatever. When Centerplate ruled the roost at Nats Park, you couldn’t even get a hot dog and a coke without a two-inning wait and a surly server.


The Northern Virginia Nereids, fresh off their star turn in a PBS documentary about synchronized swimming, are competing in the 2009 Esynchro Age Group Championships in Gainesville, Fla., this week. After the semi-final round of the 13-15 year old team competition, the Nereids were in 32nd place out of 39 squads. Sounds like they’re a bit out of synch. Sorry.

(And take THAT, reachforthewall.com! That site’s anti-synchronized swimming bias has left a huge niche uncovered!)


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