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It’s no surprise that all Michael Jackson memorabilia is being bought excessively around the world since he died on Thursday.  Time and Newsweek already released commemorative issues showing Jackson at various times through his career, the MJ cover band Who’s Bad sold out not one, but two shows at the 9:30 Club on Friday night and three of his albums sold upwards of 100,000 copies each over the past 5 days.

But if the music, creepy cover bands, and glossy magazine covers aren’t enough, you can now buy a poster announcing his death.  From The Washington Post.  The newspaper is selling copies of its “commemorative Michael Jackson edition” online for upwards of $50 each.  Normally, these commemorative editions are released for such momentous occasions as presidential elections and inaugurations, wars, invasions, and other momentous events.  Deaths of notable people certainly qualify as momentous events, but it’s a depressing thing to commemorate.  And the commemorative edition looks nothing like the actual cover of Friday’s Post, where Jackson only covered a third of the front page.

Michael Jackson was iconic and he deserves to be remembered that way.  But a $50 print of a fake newspaper cover might not be the way to remember him.