Good Morning, City Desk Readers!  It’s the first day of July and the forecast doesn’t call for 90 degree temperatures so it’s already looking like a good one.  On the news front, the nation’s capital is expecting some new residents that are already getting attention before moving in.

  • Minnesota has finally come to its senses and decided that Al Franken will be its second senator.  It only took the ballot counters and lawyers eight months to figure that out.  The former Saturday Night Live writer will take his seat following the July 4th recess.  Franken will be the 60th Democrat in the Senate, making it possible for the party to break a Republican filibuster but he wants everyone to know that he’s not looking to block legislation on a regular basis.

  • An FDA advisory panel is trying to make life more painful for patients.  Literally.  They recommended a ban on Vicodin and Percocet because the high levels of acetaminophen can negatively affect the liver.  The panel also wants a decrease in daily dosages of acetaminophen, as well as the dosage per pill and the number of pills per container.  The active pain-relieving ingredient in medicines such as NyQuil, Tylenol, and Excedrin, acetaminophen might kill your liver but the pain might make it worth it.
  • Brightest Young Things spotted the first Real World cast members walking through town today.  How?  The two girls were followed by five camera people.  Way to blend in, MTV, way to blend in.
  • We Love DC apparently still loves the city, even after reporting on a supposed dognapping outside the P Street Whole Foods on Sunday night.  Molly, a 4 year old Vizla, was tied up outside and when her owner came back, she was gone.  Normally, this would be the cause for posters and neighborhood email lists, but ever since NBC4 picked it up on their website, Molly has become Logan Circle’s cause.  I think this is what Arianna Huffington was referring to when she referred to “citizen journalism.”
  • And just when she thought we forgot about her, Sarah Palin has returned to the news with another audacious claim.  This time, she thinks she can beat President Obama in a foot race.  “I betcha I’d have more endurance,” the killa from Wasilla told Runner’s World magazine.  The White House is not commenting, but perhaps a pit bull would be a better opponent for the former vice-presidential nominee.  The president is a little bit busy trying to pull troops out of Baghdad and push gay people into the military.