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If only this car could talk. Though it looks like somebody thought it could talk, which is why they shot it full of holes.

In any case, there’s gotta be a story behind the black vehicle identified in its temporary tags as a 1998 Land Rover (VIN #391804) now sitting across the street from Pierce Park in Adams Morgan.

There are magic marker-type writings on the windows that seem to indicate somebody from the 5th District of the Metropolitan Police Department marked the car on May 9. That same somebody tried to cover the shot-up windows and put duct tape over the bullet holes. They’re big holes.

A neighborhood resident told me some shady-looking fellows who didn’t look anything like cops recently dumped the auto off as discreetly as they could. The resident told me the dumpers didn’t appear to be happy when they noticed somebody was watching the drop.

Bottom line: Something bad happened with this car.

And now it’s taking up a prime parking spot.

The latter’s really gotta get folks steamed.