A source at the Sports and Entertainment Commission tells me that there’s not any hint that next week’s Gold Cup soccer match between the beautiful losers of the USA national team and the Honduran national team will be affected by what’s gone on. It’s on.

I’ve read there’s been a coup down south.

Apparently newly ex-President Manuel Zelaya, who was just thrown out of the country by his military, can’t go home. Coup leaders say that if he shows up in the capital city of Tegucigalpa he’ll be arrested.

The U.S. is in Zelaya’s corner in this one. So why not turn this game into something huge? Let the State Department invite the deposed guy to our Nation’s Capital to watch his old soccer team play our boys. If Zelaya sucks up to the futbol fans back home, and the Hondurans manage to escape with a win, he could fly back with the team and take his job back.

Can’t hurt. Tickets are available, so Zelaya won’t be taking up a Barra Brava member’s seat.

Think it’s silly? Well, the Hondurans have already gone to war once over soccer.