**TO GO WITH STORY TITLED BRAINY ZOMBIES **Zombies rant on the set of horror film "28 Days Later," in this undated promotional photo. Many movies about zombies also carry social commentary hidden beneath the horror. (AP Photo/Peter Mountain)

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AFI’d out after Silverdocs? Let Cillian Murphy resuscitate your interest. His work in the British zombie film 28 Days Later, which kicked off the Unholy Zombie Cinema Revival, is cutting edge even by George Romero‘s indeterminable standards. City Lights contributor Matt Siblo digs a little deeper in his pick for tonight, arguing that the movie’s zombies “managed to provide a chilling and timely rumination on a post-9/11 society—while scaring the living crap out of you.”

Do yourself a favor—read the entire 28 Days Later pick and watch some film clips. Then go see the movie.