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The Redskins announced last night they’d hired Larry Weisman of USAToday. Does this mean Dan Snyder cares about improving his relationship with the media? Or just one more signal that every good newspaperman’s now going or already gone to PR or government? Or both?

Seems like a great hire. Weisman’s been writing about the NFL for the Gannett paper since the early 1980s. I know him best from his frequent guest appearances over the years on the wonderful “The Sports Reporters” radio show on WTEM, a station which is now owned by Dan Snyder. And Weisman’s great on that. Weisman was never as bombastic or entertaining as host Steve Czaban, but he came off as smart and plugged in.

And in his old typing job, Weisman didn’t pull punches on the man who now signs his checks.

This from a USAToday chat in March 2006:

Ashburn, VA: Does Dan Snider have a clue? You think he would learn from his past mistakes. I wonder if looked at the number of catches El had last year or just the big pass in the Super Bowl. Even more funny is his pickup of T.O. lite from San Fran. 30 mil for a saftey that has taken one too many blows to the head? I give each player no more than two years before Dan cuts them.

Larry Weisman: Look at the bright side. He passes the costs on to season ticket holders and those who park cars at FedUpField. Ever heard that expression about people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing? Remember that Dan Snyder isn’t so much playing with house money as with your money.

“FedUpField”? Nice!

Wonder if Weisman will call him “Mister Snyder” now.


Weisman will work under Larry Michael, the team’s minister of propaganda “Senior Vice President/Executive Producer-Media.”

Michael had an odd quote in the release welcoming Weisman: “Larry’s credibility and experience will give Redskins fans something new and compelling to look forward to this season and beyond.”

So having somebody with “credibility” in Redskins Park is something fans will regard as “new and compelling?” Wow. An era of honesty kicks off!


Weisman’s first task will be to shmooze Rick Maese, the new Redskins beat reporter for the Washington Post. Maese replaces Jason La Canfora, one of a boatload of writer who Redskins officials have held vendettas against in the Snyder era. Mister Irrelevant introduced the new kid with a great Q&A.

Redskins Release after the jump, as well as Nats getting broomed, and local boy made good Maury Wills is HUGE in…North Dakota?


(Groundhog) Day Game for the Nats under the Miami sun: Manny Acta protects a young arm (Jordan Zimmermann), turns lead over bullpen, bullpen blows lead, Ryan Zimmerman makes an error, Nats lose game.

And, another sweep. The Nats should get an endorsement deal from Swiffer.


I let Joel Hanrahan’s passing go too quietly. The guy who took the “C” out of closer lost the race out of town with Manny Acta. Hanrahan was shipped to Pittsburgh a couple days ago. This town’s tolerance for bad baseball is big, but not big enough for the both of ’em. Hope Hanrahan turns into an All-Star, but, damn, he sure earned a bus ticket.


Went to see the DC Grays and Fairfax Nationals of the wood-bat Clark Griffith League at Maury Wills Field on Georgia Avenue NW last night. The rain stopped play in the fifth inning, but, the game was fab. This just in: The college kids today are good!

The rebuilt field, located across the street from where the Negro League Homestead Grays and Major League Washington Senators used to play at Griffith Stadium, looked great, was easy to get to, had plenty of parking and was an all-around great place to watch a game. I’m guessing, though, that whoever from D.C. Parks and Rec decided to put the fences just 295-feet down the lines wasn’t a big baseball guy or gal. A concessions table should be added to the scene, too.

As disseminated yesterday: The D.C. Gray’s field, next to Banneker Rec Center, is named after D.C. legend Maury Wills, who was an all-sports star at Cardozo in the 1950s and a base-stealing wizard with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1960s.

But it’s not the first tribute to one of the greatest athletes ever produced in D.C.

No, there’s already a Maury Wills Museum – in Fargo, N.D.! How’d that happen?


Skins Press Release:


The Washington Redskins announced today that Larry Weisman has left USA Today to become Editorial Director of the Redskins Media Department.  Weisman will start on July 20.

Weisman comes to the Redskins with an extensive background covering professional football.  In his 33 years as a professional sports writer, Weisman has authored more than 5,000 published stories, primarily with USA Today.  He has also covered college basketball, professional hockey, championship boxing and soccer, but has specialized in pro football since 1983.

Weisman began covering pro football in 1978, including 29 Super Bowls.  He joined USA Today, the nation’s largest general-interest daily newspaper, in 1983.  During his tenure with USA Today, he has covered and authored stories on all 32 NFL teams.  His writing and reporting have won awards from the Associated Press Sports Editors, the Pro Football Writers Association and the New York State Associated Press in the game story and spot news categories. Prior to joining USA Today, Weisman worked for what is now called the Westchester Journal News in White Plains, N.Y., where he covered the Stanley Cup champion New York Islanders. He has also been a contributing writer to The Sporting News NFL Preview, Street & Smith Football Annual and Patriots Football Weekly.

He has made various appearances on ESPN, CNN, NFL Films and CBS News programming.  He has been a regular contributor to ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, and has frequently made guest appearances on local, national and syndicated radio stations throughout the United States and around the globe.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Weisman is also the author of three books: “The Terry Bradshaw Franchise Football League,” “Companions in Courage in Courage; Triumphant Tales of Heroic Athletes,” co-written by Pat LaFontaine, Chas Griffin and Ernie Valutis, and “Let’s Go to the Videotape All the Plays and Replays from My Life in Sports,” with Warner Wolf.

Weisman also made it to Hollywood with a cameo appearance as a sports writer in Adam Sandler’s box office hit remake of the “The Longest Yard.”

“It’s exciting to have Larry Weisman join our media team,” said Senior Vice President/Executive Producer-Media Larry Michael.  “Larry is one of the most recognizable NFL writers in the country, and his work at USA Today was second to none. Larry’s credibility and experience will give Redskins fans something new and compelling to look forward to this season and beyond.”

Weisman will contribute to various Redskins television, radio and print properties.


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