Gotta love the Summer Youth Employment Program: Nothing like a hard day’s work to teach kids a thing or two about holding a job and personal responsibility and keep them away from things like gangs, violence, and illicit substances.

Well, gangs and violence, anyway.

A City Desk reader captured this sight with a cell phone cam yesterday morning, around 10:30 a.m., on the 1500 block of Marion Street NW:

The reader explains: ‘Took some photos yesterday of 6 kids from the Mayor’s Conservation Corps rolling [a] joint and smoking pot….I did call the police but they didn’t show up before the kids finished up. You can see a lighter and smoke in the photos. You can tell what he’s smoking from how he’s holding it. 🙂 I could smell it…(don’t ask me how I know what it smells like).’

(Because the alleged tokers are likely minors, City Desk has blurred their faces.)