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(Life) Lessons And Tests From A First-Year Teacher is confused about what to do when a student bites them: “Today i was bit by one of my students…it was sort of inevitable, but damn, hurt nonetheless. and with the classroom not being my own, with few structures in place, i’m not quite sure what to do about it—i’m not sure that the teacher even knew it happened; i didn’t want to make it even worse (he wound up biting someone higher up on the pecking order of the summer institute right after, so that sparked a lot of attention)…”

New Columbia Heights picks up on an apparent robbery at the neighborhood’s Washington Sports Club. A suspected thief is confronted in a locker room. And the chase is on: “The patron started chasing the guy, and during this time, there was a towel person in the locker room who didn’t do anything. He chased the guy through the club, yelling “thief!” but again nobody on staff did anything. Then near the door of DCUSA, where the security guard is posted, the patron yelled the man had stolen his stuff. The security guard didn’t do anything either, and the man ran outside.” Of course, PoP has the narrative from the alert patron.

We Love DC reports on a missing bird named Pickles:

“Pickles’ owner Scott likes to take the bird on his shoulder, pirate-style, for walks around the National Mall on weekends, and on nice days, perch Pickles on tree branches in the Gardens to let him get some nature.

Yesterday, Pickles disappeared. He turned his back for a moment while sitting on a nearby bench, and when he noticed that the normally noisy parakeet had fallen silent, he checked and saw that Pickles was gone.

Now, Pickles can’t fly (wings clipped, of course), and there were no large predators in the area, but there were crowds of people. We’re hoping it’s just a kind soul who saw what he or she thought was a lost bird…”

In related news… A DC Birding Blog reports on an eagle nest threatened by DHS. A pair of Bald Eagles have made part of St. E’s their home. Since DHS is moving in, the eagles may be in jeopardy:

“Since this pair has stayed at the site for eight years, they are clearly tolerant of human activity and have the skills to survive and breed in a dense urban atmosphere. However, given that the hospital grounds have seen very little activity for most of that time, it is difficult to predict how the eagles might react to sudden changes…”

Metrocurean turned four this weekend. Congrats!

Pop Cesspool breaks down the rapper Drake.

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.