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Turns out Manuel Zelaya WILL be in DC tomorrow. That’s when the Honduras national team, which Zelaya used to control before his military gave him a red card and booted him out of the country, will face the US squad in a CONCACAF Gold Cup game at RFK.

Zelaya flew out of here on Sunday, headed for the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa. But the folks who deposed him blocked the runways at the airport there. So Zelaya had to reroute to neighboring Nicaragua.

Now, AP is reporting that Zelaya is coming back to DC to meet with Hillary Clinton, to try to get the U.S. to put more pressure on his deposers to let him back in his home country.

I’m no Condoleezza Rice, but, as proposed in this very space last week, I’d advise Hillary to advise Zelaya to get his butt into a good seat opposite the TV cameras at RFK tomorrow night, to show the folks down south that El Presidente is backing the boys on enemy turf as they face Los Yanquies. (Sure, I learned whatever Spanish I know from listening to Los Lobos, so I have no idea if anybody down there calls Zelaya “El Presidente” or us “Los Yanquies.” But tell me it doesn’t sound right!)

Then after the game, Zelaya can board the team plane and head back to Honduras. Nobody’s gonna block that runway!

Brilliant! I mean, um, fantastico!