John P. Coon, who closed Washington Consignment Shop while still owing people money, recently closed another consignment store—-Nest on Wisconsin Avenue—-and opened another shop: Georgetown Birdcage.

And here’s some more news: He’s being filmed around town for a reality show about the privileged life he leads with his long-time partner and their adopted kids (Ella gets a pony! He needs a new housekeeper! Drinks with Chelsea Handler at the Willard!). His publicly available Facebook page says the show will debut on TLC after Jon & Kate Plus 8 on Aug. 24, but other posts say it’s set to air in either August or September.

A class-action suit against Coon and Washington Consignment was in the works, but a source says it’s on hold at the moment. Nearly a dozen consigners came forward for the story I wrote in October 2008 and several more came forward on the comments, all of them consistently claiming they were not paid for items sold by Coon’s store. Coon, who did not file for bankruptcy, acknowledged he still owed people and encouraged them to send complaints to a P.O. box of the store’s parent company, Tally Ho Ltd. He also said he’d be paying people in increments because of these spare economic times, despite the fact all of his customers had signed contracts outlining how they were to be paid (i.e. not in increments).

The times must not be too spare for Coon. On April 23rd he updated his FB status: “My new baby is a blk/blk Lexus E330…….sounds a little midlife crisis like….but I do not care!!!”