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This evening, City Desk reached Donna Watts-Brighthaupt to get her reaction to the U.S. Attorney’s Office announcement that it has declined to prosecute the stalking case against Marion Barry. As everyone knows by now, Barry had quite the obsession with her. The obsession culminated in the councilmember getting locked up over the July 4 weekend on stalking charges. Watts-Brighthaupt spent much of this past week getting hammered by the Barry Machine as “unstable.”

“I’m relieved it’s over,” Watts-Brighthaupt says. “It’s a large price I’ve had to pay. I didn’t ask for this. I’ve learned such a large lesson in dealing with Marion. I’m not invincible. It’s unbelievable the type of person he is. But I wish him well. And I wish him good health. I’d really like him to do the best he can, do what he can for Ward 8 from this day forward.”

Do you think it’s possible he can be an effective councilmember? “No comment.”

Watts-Brighthaupt says that she had kept the recordings of Barry‘s declarations/pleas/long goodbyes not as payback. She says that he simply called so many times that she didn’t even listen to them. She only started saving them in earnest after Barry began making trouble for her ex-husband Delonta Brighthaupt.

“My heart is so heavy,” she says. “I worry mainly that I’ve disappointed my mom, family, and people that I truly thought highly of.”

She goes on to say: “I knew how he was. I mistakenly thought I was invincible or that I could take the Barry machine….I think it’s a joke – the Barry Machine. But it’s not something I thought I’d have to deal with publicly. These things went on for a year privately. It strengthened me. It helped me to know what the worst person could be…..I’m now prepared. I’m going to take this as a life lesson.”

Watts-Brighthaupt says that she has no plans to file a civil suit against Barry. “Why bother?” she explains. “He doesn’t have any money.”

What would you do if Barry called again? “I guess he’d have to leave another voice mail.”