D.C. Wire’s Marion Barry coverage leads the Post‘s site this a.m., wherein Councilmember David Catania “steps to the plate” (Barry loves that phrase) on the issue of granting and then yanking public contracts from his former ladyfriend. “These are public funds,” he says. “There needs to be an accounting.” Barry’s spokesperson promises the good councilmember will actually answer some questions on that front today. Other Council react: Chairman Vincent Gray avoided the matter, issuing some boilerplate about how he’s worked to increase the Council’s ethics. Barry’s across-the-river compadre’s remarks were reserved for the kicker. Yvette Alexander: “The nine lives of Marion Barry, except I think he has maybe 11 lives.” And, thanks, WaPo for giving City Paper credit on the voicemail tapes! The TV did the same last night, although funnily News Channel 8 cut off the last part of our cover image.

Speaking of: Get yours today! As the Sexist points out, they won’t last long. Even Gawker thinks this week’s cover is a thing of beauty, and they almost never say anything nice.

Only in D.C.: The anti Real World DC blog nerds out on the chances of former castmembers running for Congress and otherwise entering politics. Personally, I stopped paying attention after Puck. Why does this town care about these people? It’s plain weird.

Borderstan’s seeing the glass-half-full on stolen bikes: Registered ones are nine times more likely to be returned. (As a glass-half-empty blogger, I would point out that 9X0 still = 0. But, hey, give it a shot.)

The train’s out of the barn now: Metro riders with video cams (i.e., every one of them) are going German Youth on operators. First, there was the texting-while-driving incident. Now we have a Fox 5 “Exclusive”: a sleepy operator. The operators’ union response to growing complaints from squished and pissed-off Red-Line riders? It’s yesterday’s news, but worth repeating: “At least you’re alive.”

You know you can’t get enough. Pandacam is streaming live today on Butterstick‘s fourth birthday with the requisite “cake” made out of bamboo, beets, and other delicious-to-pandas ingredients. Happy birthday, Tai Shan!

(Pride Parade photo by LL Mike DeBonis.)