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Via Dan Snyder’s message board, extremeskins:

Bruce Smith, whose 2000 signing is symbolic of everything wrong with the Washington Redskins in the Snyder Era, was convicted of DUI yesterday in Virginia Beach. Smith failed the field sobriety tests administered by police, but his lawyer had argued in court that his client walked unstably because of old knee injuries from his football days.

That argument didn’t fly with the judge, so the defense attorney tried some other Hail Marys. From the AP story:

Smith also had trouble following Womble’s hand movements with both eyes, but [Smith’s lawyer Larry] Cardon said that could have been caused by his client’s multiple concussions or the glare of lights from traffic in the opposite lanes of the interstate.

Cardon also noted that while Womble reported a strong smell of alcohol, the officer testified that Smith’s speech was not slurred and that he was cooperative. Cardon said there was insufficient evidence to convict.

But prosecutor Kristin L. Paulding said Smith’s problems with the sobriety tests were not just physical — he also had trouble following instructions. For example, Smith was told to walk nine steps and turn around, but he walked 14 and had to be told to stop.

With the May arrest, Smith’s now been busted three times in the last 12 years. That is believed to be an all-time record for DUI charges for a Redskins defensive end.

And Pac Man Jones gives the NFL a bad name?

Smith will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this summer. Take a cab, Bruce.