Dear Councilmember Barry,

Yesterday, in your unhinged letter to David Catania, you wrote, “For you to imply that the ‘Clean and Sober’ community investment is administered or supervised by myself or Brenda Richardson is a lie.”

So are you calling Brenda Richardson a liar?

After all, when Sharon Wise—-the person you reportedly picked to run Clean and Sober Inc., one of six suspect nonprofit groups you established—-complained about having $15,000 of her $40,000 salary funneled to Darryl Colbert, your longtime recovery sponsor, this is how Richardson responded:

“The councilmember did that,” the tape recording indicates. “The councilmember did that!”

And here’s what your committee director, Drew Hubbard, said at the same meeting: “I know that for a fact, that when we first identified some funding sources for these type of programs, the councilmember wanted someone, and it ended up being Brenda, to coordinate these things and for the information to flow through her. So it’s not going to be an option to have her out of this.”

Don’t believe LL? Listen to the tape: The Hubbard quote’s at 8:25; the Colbert conversation begins at 15:58.