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Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor would like you to know that she was misunderstood when she said that a wise Latina woman would come to a better decision than a white man.  Yes, she’s been repeating this line since the soundbite came out almost six weeks ago, but it seems to be the main focus of her confirmation hearings.  “Objectivity” was the word of the day, as Sotomayor faced tough questioning from the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Shock of all shocks, the voice of reason came from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who announced that unless something went terribly wrong, the judge would most likely be confirmed by the Democratic majority.

But enough about rule-makers.  All the rule-breakers, in DC and beyond, are after the jump.

  • As countless politicians have proven, adultery is not an excuse to give up your elected office.  John Ensign agrees, regardless of his parents’ $96,000 payoff of his mistress – he plans to seek reelection when his term runs out in 2012.  Could he still be holding out for the White House?  Only time will tell.
  • The judge hearing the Banita Jacks case was treated to an earful during the second day of listening to her eight-hour police interrogation.  During the recording, Jacks admitted that she believed her three daughters were possessed by demons but would rise from the dead when the demons left their bodies.  She also contends that all four of her daughters died in their sleep, as a result of the demons, a fact that is inconsistent with the evidence gathered at the crime scene.
  • A House panel investigating the Red Line crash heard testimony yesterday, with the majority of witnesses asking for money to fix the flawed transit system.  John Catoe, Metro’s General Manager detailed the precautions he has taken since the crash but admits he still does not know what to do about the malfunctioning circuit between Takoma and Fort Totten that presumably caused the collision.
  • Violent crimes are being reported with more frequency, in what are thought to be safe areas of the city.  The Borderstan blog reports an armed assault and a robbery in the 1400 blocks of Corcoran and S Streets NW, respectively, in addition to the armed robbery and several burglaries that occurred in the first week of July.  Meanwhile, in Georgetown, a young woman was sexually assaulted in her home, less than two blocks from the main gates of the university.  Neighbors and students are concerned, not only for their safety, but because very few people have been informed about the attack.

So keep your eyes and ears open, City Desk readers.  Rules and laws are for following, not breaking.