Major intersections downtown might be crowded today with people dancing to their iPods in large groups.  Why?  To show their solidarity for the Iranian elections, of course.  In all seriousness though, the Georgetown chapter of Project Nur is planning a series of flash mobs that will take place throughout the city as a way of demonstrating their support of the Iranian people.

According to the craigslist event, this will not be a traditional protest with signs and banners.  Rather, participants have received emails telling them where and when to show up and what to do.  They’ll either stand still or have a silent dance party, when a large group gathers to dance to tunes from their portable music devices.  And of course they’ll be wearing green.

We Love DC has posted the locations of the different flash mobs.  Each one will last 1-2 hours at 5 locations throughout Northwest.  They are expected to assemble quickly so keep an eye out for mobs of emerald-clad activists this afternoon.