And no, I am not talking about hits from the ’80s, I am talking about our weekly retrocast here: What a weekend! Bright sun, cool breeze, low humidity—-put a few more yachts on the Anacostia, plus a few more topsider-wearing establishment types, and you got yourself Newport! Not going to get too hot till next Saturday.

Now let’s move on to weightier matters, starting with Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry. What’s up with his ex-girlfriend and his nonprofit dealings? Well, on the GF front, that’s quieting down a touch, what with the pending council investigation into the $5,000 contract that the councilmember steered toward Donna Watts-Brighthaupt. On the nonprofits front, the Washington Post is calling upon prosecutors to see if Barry & Co. did anything improper in birthing and managing these funnels for city cash.

Here’s the part where we take a look at what Post Ombudsman Andy Alexander is up to. And the answer is, well, cooling down from his fiery column of one week ago, when he spanked the Post for the whole “salons” scandal.

I was going to watch this video with Amanda Carpenter of the Washington Times, but a 15-second rug ad from the Hadeed Corporation was all I could handled. I nav’d elsewhere.

I see here that Lance Armstrong has lost some ground in the Tour de France, dropping from just seconds off the lead to more than a minute and a half. So what do you think Postie Sally Jenkins, whose book-writing partnership with this mountain of a man goes back a decade, would have to say about this. We’ll probably find out soon. But just in case Jenkins is busy with other stuff, I’ll get her started with a lead:

Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the Tour de France, got beat in the mountains Sunday. He lost valuable seconds vis-a-vis teammate Alberto Contador, the young upstart who makes Europe’s greatest mountains look like speed bumps.

Now comes the fallout: The press is counting this cancer survivor out. The experts have dismissed him. The conventional wisdom is that a minute-and-a-half deficit against a monster like Contador is insurmountable. If there’s one man they all should be careful about counting out, however, it’s that wiry Texan with the regular-guy demeanor.