This is Sup-Her Bowl week for the DC Divas, who will travel to Austin to meet the Kansas City Tribe for the IWFL Championship and bragging rights as the best women’s football squad around.

For a story that will appear in the Titanic platform of City Paper in a day or so, I spoke with Rachelle Pecovsky-Bentley, a veteran running back for the Divas who has tried to honor God and gridiron this season, her 10th and last in women’s tackle football. The big hurdle for Pecovsky-Bentley’s twin desires is that virtually all Divas games kick off during the Sabbath that she and other Seventh Day Adventists observe, from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Football may be a game to some, but it’s a no-no on the Sabbath.

So she entered most Divas games this year in the middle of the third quarter or so, and makes entrances “like a super hero,” as one team official put it.

But the coolest athletic factoid about Pecovsky-Bentley and maybe any athlete I’ve ever dealt with: In college she was nationally ranked in both the balance beam and shot put.

Chew on that for a bit.

(AFTER THE BREAK: Chico is still the Man? Guaranteed win night for Nats? How come nobody keyholes Shaq in his hotel room? Would DC use a baseball academy? Would DC United play your kid’s travel team for a buck?)


This is how you can tell are Nats are Amazin’: On a night when the team didn’t have its worst stuff — the relief pitching held up, the defense didn’t make any errors, nobody got picked off base — the boys STILL GOT ROUTED!

Chico Harlan’s got The Washington Post copy desk as fired up as he is about our Amazin’s.”Welcome to the Bungle” was the four-column above the fold headline. Way to go, Post! If the team blows, have some fun.

Not having fun: Jim Riggleman, now 0-5.

Yet the team won’t adopt the fight song of Riggleman’s youth, “Thunderation,” which (stop me if you’ve heard this one before!) helped lead the Richard Montgomery Rockets to glory throughout his days at the Rockville high school.

So Cheap Seats Daily, in the interest of beating a dead horse until it sings, has unilaterally declared “Thunderation” as the Official Cheer of the Washington Nats. And, like it or not, it will be cheered in here today and, after the Nats conquer the Mets tonight to end Riggleman’s skein, every day henceforth until they lose.

Sing with us:

Thunder, Thunder, Thunderation
We’re the Rockets Delegation
When we fight with determination
We create a soul sensation!

I feel it. So we’re making tonight Guaranteed Win Night!  We are so sure the Nats will win that, should the Nats lose, we promise to not write about Riggleman’s fight song for at least a week. But that’s not going to happen.

Feel the Thunderation! Create the Soul Sensation!

Or not…


In today’s Washington Times the great Thom Loverro digs into a wayward public works project that would have revamped Fort Dupont Park with better ice facilities and a baseball academy. Those darn tree-huggers have gummed up the mission with environmental lawsuits. Certainly it’s a chicken and egg situation, but my sense is these days as many DC kids would want to go to a VHS Repair Academy as one for baseball.


WJFK debuted its all-sports lineup yesterday, which means DC radio listeners had twice as many outlets to rail about Michael Vick and Erin Andrews. As for Vick, what owner other than Al Davis would bother with all the hassle? Vick’s like John Rocker. You hear his name, and the gut reaction is “Yuck!” Barry Bonds got blacklisted and he didn’t even commit a crime. (Oh, forget those bogus federal charges against Bonds now. Cheap Seats Daily hereby issues another Guarantee: This country will have universal health care before Bonds ever does a day of jail time. If the Feds were on the level, he’d never do a day in court.)

As for Andrews, enough with making that alleged keyhole nudie film of her into some larger issue, as WJFK’s new lineup tried to do all day. Yet… how come nobody’s ever done that with Shaq?


DC United continues tonight in the image-suck that is the US Open Cup tournament somewhere in the ‘burbs. The next great unknown opponent is something called the Rochester Rhinos. Every team United has played in this low-grade competition has a nickname straight outta “Slapshot.”


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