Competition’s coming at Dan Snyder from all sides. Just as his monopoly on sports radio went all to crap with WJFK morphing from guy talk to an all-sports station (“The Fan“?….geez), now comes a rival to Snyder’s fan site, Burgundy and Gold Obsession, or BGObsession for short, has gone live.

The punchline here is that the new site was founded by some of the very same folks who used to make run, only to become disenfranchised after selling out to Snyder in 2005. (For the un-obsessed: Snyder made the Redskins the first pro sports team to acquire an existing fan site with the extremeskins move, one of many firsts during the Redskins owner’s campaign to Control the Message.)

AFTER THE JUMP: Barry Sanders kid is BGObsessed? Extremeskins goes toe-to-toe with its founder’s new website? The Great Dan Steinberg™ Some bozo bet on the Nats BEFORE Guaranteed Win Night? DC United crushes the Real Madrid of a Small Section of Northwestern New York? Still no mention of the Washington Kastles? Sports Radio mulls Erin Andrews AND lactation?

The main force behind BGO is Mark “Om” Steven, an extremeskins architect and longtime Snyder toadie who I’ve done my best to abuse for his toadiness in this very space. Gotta say, tho: A whole lot of work clearly went into the BGO launch. For Snyder obsessives, the competition between BGO and will be at least as interesting as that between WJFK and WTEM.

It’ll also be interesting to see how many Skins sites this market can support. Especially in July in a preseason not teeming with the blind optimism of the past preseasons.


Somebody likes the Redskins. Via The Big Lead: Barry Sanders Jr. says the Detroit Lions, the team that superfunded his trust fund, ain’t his favorite NFL squad: “I’m a Redskins fan because I like Clinton Portis. They also have Jason Campell and that defense,” the littler Sanders said.


Back to us: Yesterday, in this space, Cheap Seats Daily adopted and then led a group singalong of the Nats unofficial official cheer, Thunderation.

And we guaranteed a Nats win.

And the Nats won.


And, since it was on us to end Jim Riggleman’s Nats’-managerial-career-spanning four-game winless streak, as threatened promised, we’re going to repeat the cheer here, again and again, and declare that tonight is another…you know it’s coming…GUARANTEED WIN NIGHT!

You know the words! Sing with us:

Thunder, Thunder, Thunderation
We’re the Rockets Delegation
When we fight with determination
We create a soul sensation!

Be like REO Speedwagon and don’t fight this feeling anymore! Together, we can re-create a Soul Sensation!


Now that the Nats are streaking, the Great Dan Steinberg™ somebody should double the money they lost in Vegas on tonight’s game. Remember: It’s Guaranteed Win Night! If the bet doesn’t come in, the rest of the year is on us! And TGDS™ somebody can, you know, write about losing again and write off the loss again.


D.C. United survived the Real Madrid of Rochester, the Rochester Rhinos, 2-1, at the Wembley Stadium of Boyds, Md., the Maryland SoccerPlex, to advance to the finals of the World Cup of Irrelevant Soccer Tourneys, the U.S. Open Cup.

Now it’s onto the U.S. Open Cup final for United, where they’ll doubtless take on the Bad News Bears or Durham Bulls or somesuch in a high school gym or a cow pasture or somesuch.


The dwindling influence of Big Media, or maybe just Leonard Shapiro…Yesterday, the Post’s veteran sports media critic went after the Sports Junkies during his review of the new WJFK.

“This is supposed to be a sports talk station,” wrote Shapiro, “so why did one junky segment in the 8 o’clock hour have to focus on one of the hosts relating how his toddler son kept pulling the hair of his little sister and how he had to be placed in time out? I don’t need parenting lessons at that hour.”

Shapiro has never liked the Sports Junkies. But a few years ago, when Shapiro’s work appeared in the paper version of the paper, the Junks might have tweaked their topics for a couple days to keep the critic quiet. But today, the first show after Shapiro’s slams, the boys talked about the difficulty of getting infants to take a bottle, and lactating wives.

At least the discussion wasn’t about getting Lindsay Czarniak to take a bottle or lactating Erin Andrews.


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