Michelle Rhee, the D.C. schools chancellor, was hot and cold on the Government Accountability Office report, delivered yesterday on Capitol Hill, on how well the clunker of a school system has done in the last two years implementing reforms.

Which is to say, she liked the part where it said she and Mayor Adrian Fenty were doing a good job and didn’t care so much for the part where it said they weren’t.

As Bill Turque writes in the Washington Post this morning, the report cited “bold steps” taken to boost test scores, shutter underenrolled schools, and improve teacher quality and the monitoring of their classroom performance.

But the GAO’s director of education and workforce development, Cornelia Ashby, told a Senate panel that some “false steps” had also gotten in the way, including a lack of planning and transparency and a failure on the school system’s part to communicate with key “stakeholders,” including the D.C. Council (a school report is not a school report without use of the word “stakeholder”).

Access the full findings from here.

By the way, does anyone think the federal Cash for Clunkers program that officially kicks off today could somehow work for failing schools? Turn one in, get a $3,500/$4,500 credit towards a new one…