And Hank Stuever will be replacing him on the daily screen beat. Memo after jump.

Changes in the TV Team

We’re pleased to announce the start of a new Style column byTom Shales, who as our lead TV critic for over 30 years has entertained us with his superb wit and intelligence. In his new column, Tom takes on a broader role of culture critic, writing not just on all things television but from a 30,000-foot perspective on our culture and the forces that shape it. Tom will illuminate, pontificate and eviscerate, on TV and other subjects. The column will be followed by a Web chat and blog. In addition to the new weekly column, Tom will continue to cover many of the big televised events, such as State of the Union speeches, the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and the Emmys.

Hank Stuever will take on a new role as our daily television critic, exploring the medium across the many platforms and in the many ways it now traverses our culture, our society and our community. Hank came to Style 10 years ago after working at papers in Austin and Albuquerque and has distinguished himself as an astute and colorful observer of popular culture. He is a thinker and writer who can take on almost any assignment and dissect its deep and complex meanings in compelling ways.

Lisa de Moraes will continue to provide her witty, must-read coverage of the industry through her popular TV Column, and will soon have a new blog that will allow her to break her stories faster and on an ever-widening platform.

This team of stars will ensure that our readers know and understand one of the most powerful forces shaping our culture today.  Changes will be effective Monday, August 10.

Lynn and Ned

July 27, 2009