WTOP is reporting that Gov. Tim Kaine has already re-opened the investigation into the Virgina Tech massacre. Kaine stated as much on one of the radio station’s call-in shows today. The governor’s announcement follows the recent revelation that a stash of Tech shooter Seung Hui Cho‘s mental-health records had been discovered. The former director of Tech’s counseling center found them in his home—-more than two years after the shooting.

The families of the victims have called for re-opening the case. Kaine apparently is addressing their concerns. WTOP writes:

“Kaine said in response to a caller’s question on his monthly radio show on Washington’s WTOP that the professional staff who investigated and wrote the Virginia Tech Review Panel report is already investigating Miller’s possession of Cho’s records.

He said he had already assured relatives of the slain and wounded that the report, done quickly in 2007 to expedite changes in state law during the 2008 General Assembly, would be updated.

‘We are going to reopen the factual narrative of that report and look at any information that has come in since the report was done,’ he said. ‘And yes, the contents of this file are going to be examined very carefully to see if their contents suggest that the report needs to be corrected.’

Reconvening the appointed members of the panel, including former State Police Superintendent Gerald Massengill and former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, would be a problem because all were volunteer members when they served.

‘Obviously these records are critical. They shouldn’t have been removed from the counseling center. I want to know why … they were not found until now,’ Kaine told a caller who identified herself as a mental health professional.”

The Post has a story today on the  victims’ families push to reopen the case.

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.