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Sex Day! We blogged it. Some of my faves: Cherkis’  trio of prostitute posts. Darrow’s Lorton pics. Riggs on the bike/porn shop. Godfrey! “I felt like Dad at the dinner table passing out money to his daughters.” McKenna on one of the weirdest houses in D.C. “For people with boobs, the hook-up potential is at its highest: 10. For people without boobs, you’re looking at about a 6.” Really, really great stuff, and a big hat tip to Amanda Hess for organizing something well out of much of the staff’s comfort zones. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see (or not) in the paper next week, e-mail me.

After the jump: My favorite Post blog, old music. reality Realty, our parent company may need a CEO

I’ve beat this drum way too much, but I love Post Mortem, the Post’s obituary blog, for precisely this reason.

Allow me to geeze: Twenty-five years ago, a spate of classic albums came out of Minneapolis—-Purple Rain, Let It Be, and (thank you, AthitakisZen Arcade. “Was it something in the water?” people will ask. More likely,  it was just a coincidence, and we don’t remember all the crappy albums that came out of Minneapolis in 1984. I will write a paper on this and submit it to the EMP.

Nats lose.

Finally, for anyone who’s been following the sorry tale of our parent company’s bankruptcy, new stuff yesterday, very little of which I understand. Especially the part about the CEO maybe stepping down temporarily to concentrate on the equity auction that will determine who owns our company. Isn’t concentrating on stuff like that what CEOs do?