Off the Dewey Beach warpath, Scraps restaurant and bar welcomes all in need of eardrum rehabilitation. While the Rudder Deck creaks under hundreds of feet, only a few dozen regulars line the bar at Scraps, enjoying a beer in relative serenity.

Formerly Dewey Beach Club, a local fixture for nearly two decades, Scraps owner Kevin Cannatelli says he’s trying to deliver more of the same: a clean, well-lighted place.

“I used to come here,” Cannatelli said. “I’d  go to the Rusty Rudder and the Bottle & Cork. It was so crazy, I’d have to slide over here to have a conversation.”

Those dropping in for a down-tempo pint are advised to check out Scraps’ star appetizer, the grouper fritters. Chef Chris Mallet goes easy on the batter, giving the mild gulf fish a fluffy, almost airy taste. Those wishing to add a little punch can dip the fritter in a mayonnaise-y sauce, tastefully revved up with horseradish and (I’m guessing) cocktail sauce.

Scraps adopts a discreet, almost laissez-faire ethos towards its patrons: give them good food, give them good drink, give them good company and leave ‘em alone. If you wake up with “Radar Love” still crunching in your skull, consider spending your next night at Scraps.