Listen up, everyone: It’s not a beer summit!

So said Barack Obama himself in the Oval Office today, according to the pool report provided by David Jackson of USA Today.

Good luck with that, Mr. President.

“Weighing in on the White House ‘Beer Summit,'” the Washington Post offered in a video blog.

“Historian: beer summit unprecedented,” said the Boston Globe‘s Political Intelligence blog.

“White House ‘Beer Summit’ Becomes Something of a Brouhaha,” noted the Wall Street Journal.

“Will Beer Summit Leave Hangover for Obama?” asked the BusinessWeek blog Business Exchange.

“Obama ‘Fascinated By the Fascination” With the ‘Beer Summit,'” said FishbowlDC.

For the record, CP‘s own Beerspotter, Orr Shtuhl, who, in case you missed it, is very upset that Obama will be drinking a Bud Light, called it a “Beer Meeting” the other day.

Obama described the 6 p.m. sitdown with African-American scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. and James Crowley, the Cambridge, Mass., cop who arrested him, as nothing more than three people “having a drink at the end of the day,” giving themselves the opportunity to “listen to each other.”

Yes, exactly: a beer summit!