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The Washington Post runs a Metro story about the fans who spend a day watching practice at Redskins Park. (Lemme quote Allen Iverson: “PRACTICE? We’re talking PRACTICE?”) One of the fans quoted in the piece is Peter Lalich. Though the story doesn’t go into it, Lalich was the Everybody’s-All-American kid from Springfield who was headed for stardom as a UVa quarterback before getting booted off the team for a string of teensy crimes that weren’t considered crimes a generation ago, before we went to war on the use of even low-level mind-altering substances.

Lalich transferred to Oregon as soon as his run in Charlottesville went to hell, and, because of some weird quirk having something to do with his new school being on a quarter system and not semesters, he’ll be eligible to play this season.

If the punishment schedule announced last year still holds, Lalich should get his drivers license back this week from Virginia authorities. It makes sense that Lalich would be on a practice field this time of year, but… Why isn’t he in Oregon?


Another formerly local athlete in some legal heat, and not dealing real well with it: Antonio Pierce, the ex-Redskins linebacker turned Giant person of interest in the Plaxico Burress thigh blast case, is making enemies with his tweets.

(AFTER THE JUMP: Examiner column calls out Duds? Godly folks are coming after the racist Redskins? Who says Cal Ripken and/or Eddie Murray were juiced? FedExField also sucks for things other than football games? Jeremy Mayfield called his stepmomma THAT? Van Pelt goes for big bucks, but Czarniak goes bid-less?)

After testifying before a grand jury, Pierce, who could face weapons charges of his own, twatted: “sometimes u have to Draw a line in the Stand and see what side PEOPLE are on.. Well damn heres the Line!!…A coward dies many deaths but a soldier only dies ONCE!!”

Let others say Pierce’s behavior here is off — The New York Post called him “Tweet-le Dum Dum” — but he had me at “line in the Stand”…


John Keim at the Examiner has a nice addition to his paper’s Skins coverage: the “Studs and Duds” column. At the end of each day of practice, Keim calls out folks who make plays, and those who mistakes. Sure, it’s impossible to watch everything that goes on during workouts, so Keim misses at least half the big plays and half the, well, duds. But call-out columns make things interesting. If a guy screws up in practice, why not write about it? Don’t say he’s mean to his mother or he’s a dog killer (unless it’s, well, you know) ! Just say he blew this or that. I read every day.


The roots don’t get any grassier: A religious group in Delaware has made changing the name of the Redskins a top priority. The Peninsula-Delaware Conference of the United Methodist Church, which represents 464 churches and claims about 100,000 congregants, has stopped using FedEx’s package delivery services becuase that company is a major sponsor of the Washington Redskins. There are tentative plans to hold rallies at Redskins games this season, also. The team’s name is “racially demeaning,” church leaders explained in announcing the FedEx boycott. I always love to hear folks argue the other side of this issue, since, well, there isn’t another side.


‘Course, the racist team name isn’t the only reason some folks stay away from FedExField. In fact, FedExField all by itself gives more fans the motivation to stay home. Venue-related problems during Paul McCartney’s appearance on Saturday added to the stadium’s shitty legend.

Real Madrid shows up this weekend!


Road to Ripken™ Update: ESPN quoted Jose Canseco, the Deep Throat of the Dead Balls Era, as saying that the Hall of Fame has at least one P.E.D.-ophile.

Canseco didn’t drop the name, however.

We know by now that everything Canseco says is proven true after a brief delay. So who slipped through the cracks at Cooperstown? A blog post about Canseco’s statements at USA Today’s website generated more guesses about famous former Orioles — Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken, specifically — than those from any other team.

So, come on, Cal. Confess. Say you used ‘roids. Even if you didn’t. Then we can all move on. The game needs you!


Feeling sorry for yourself? Yeah, me too!

So, together let’s mull the State of Jeremy Mayfield. First NASCAR kicked him off the track for allegedly testing positive for methamphetamine after a race in Richmond. Then he went public saying he’d ever used the drug. Must be cold medicine, he said. Then NASCAR said “Oh Really?” and released the results of ANOTHER recent test where Mayfield’s pee pee was allegedly tainted. He’s still claiming a frame job, but he’s done on the track. And now his stepmother has sued him for saying, She’s basically a whore. She shot and killed my dad.”

I’m no F. Lee Bailey, but I think his “basically”‘s like my”allegedly” here.


Bobblehead Update: The Scott Van Pelt bobblehead twins, from a Bowie Baysox giveaway, just sold for $88 plus postage on eBay. The auction of Lindsay Czarniak’s ‘head, a 2008 Baysox freebie, ends today at around 11:30 a.m. The creepy vendor is asking about $70. So far, alas, Czarniak has gotten no bids.


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