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Eddie Dean, one of the greatest of the greats to pass through City Paper‘s masthead over the years, is getting attention for his book on and with bluegrass god Ralph Stanley. The book, “Man of Constant Sorrow: The Life and Times of a Music Legend,” comes out in October, but folks along Music Row are already talking about what won’t be in it: Apparently Dean had Stanley occasionally slamming the heck out of contemporary country hit factory, Tim McGraw, including saying that McGraw “wouldn’t know a real country song if it kicked him in the ass.”

McGraw knows Platinum Records, however. So the publisher took out Dean’s/Stanley’s slurs. Then, of course, leaked the deletions to the media! It’s a win/win situation!

I like Tim McGraw. “Angry All the Time” is awwsumm! He’s Tug’s son, for crissakes! You gotta believe!

But I love Eddie Dean. Can’t wait for the book to hit the shelves.