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In 2006, parents of non-All-Star kids in the Capitol City Little League used the sort of political means you’d expect from a DC clique to depose the regime that had turned the league into the strongest kiddie baseball confederation the city had ever seen. The coup featured all sorts of public meetings and back-door lobbying and even campaign speeches.

The over-emphasis on All-Star teams was the main impetus for throwing the bums out. Cap City won the city’s all star tournament for 12-year olds 16 years in a row. Some years, Cap City didn’t even give up a run to the opposition.

But it’s over now.

Northwest Little League will represent DC in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the Little League all-star baseball tournament this week in Bristol, Conn. The kids from Northwest earned their way out of town by defeating Cap City, 11-5, in the championship game of the 2009 city tournament, held at Fort Lincoln a couple weeks ago.

Looks like the de-emphasizing process Cap City parents wished for back in 2006 was a success.