The Redskins cut receiver Roydell Williams this morning. He’d broken his pinkie in workouts on Sunday. Receivers need pinkies.

The cut brings the number of Guys Named Williams down from five to a season-low and hardly newsworthy three, what with receiver Jaison Williams getting Turk’d last month.

Those left behind ain’t doing real good, either.

Fullback Eddie Williams sat out this morning’s workout with a hamstring injury. Tackle Mike “Biggest Loser” Williams, a former 450-pounder who lost a Williams to get ready for camp, couldn’t do drills today because of various ailments, but, according to WJFK, watched on the sidelines and did “mental reps.” And even when he’s been fit enough for, you know, physical reps, Biggest Loser, who hasn’t played football for three years, has been “painful to watch in pass protection,” according to the Washington Post’s Jason Reid.

That leaves the hopes and dreams of all Williams obsessives pinned on former Maryland offensive lineman Edwin Williams, who admits the Redskins system and coaching philosophy has little to do with what he learned in college.

Bottom line: It seems like only last week that Five Guys Named Williams captured America’s hearts, but now it looks like the 2009 Wimbledon champ doubles team should soon be able to boast more Williamses than the Redskins.