Good thing the Washington Post‘s Martin Weil has stuck around through all the buyouts and attrition at the region’s dominant daily. Without him, after all, we wouldn’t have those periodic weather-checks in the paper. A few excerpts from the latest, which ran on Sunday:

Washington’s hottest period so far this year is expected to start Sunday, and it could last three or four days, according to forecasts….

“If you thought we might make it through summer without a heat wave, think again,” wrote Jason Samenow on The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang blog.

Heat waves, whether tolerated or deplored, have been recognized through the years as salient facts of Washington’s summers.

But so far this year, the longest stretches of temperatures of 90 degrees or more have been a mere two days. Only on July 16 did the mercury at National reach as high as 96, and only twice have there been as many as two consecutive 90-or-above days.

And speaking of the Post, really good story about Metro kinda covering up a breakdown on the tracks that preceded by a few months the fatal June 22 crash. The gist of this story is that Metro’s vaunted electronic system that’s supposed to keep trains from crashing into one another broke down in early March. Thanks to the alertness of a Metro train operator, a crash was averted.

Not only didn’t Metro tell the public about this incident, it didn’t tell the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), according to the Post. Debbie Hersman‘s gonna be pissed!

The Legg Mason tournament ended yesterday. No more needs to be said about it.