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Andy Roddick lost in overtime in the Legg-Mason finals over at Carter Barron yesterday. With the different tiebreaker system in play, it came off as a poor-man’s version of Roddick’s Wimbledon defeat. Over there, you win by two games in the final set. The two-points threshold used here is the tennis equivalent of the hockey shootout. The ending comes so suddenly, it just feels wrong.

But, good for Roddick for sticking around all week for the fans. It used to be that this tounament’s one-high-profile-player-per-year would collect his appearance fee and tank his second-round match to get out of the DC summer heat.


I watched the Real Madrid/DC United match on over-the-airwaves TV via Telefutura, Channel 47. My expert analysis: Everybody Real Madrid had was quicker, smoother and better looking than everybody United had.

Continuing with me: I saw Real Madrid play once before, in the weirdest sporting event I ever attended. Real played Roma in the UEFA Champions League, in Rome, on Sept. 11, 2001. I was in Italy on vacation, and was walking around in that city’s Jewish Ghetto a few hours before the game kicked off and passed by a restaurant where a TV on the wall was showing, live, one of the World Trade Center towers fall.

The attacks stopped the U.S. dead, but life as usual went on in Rome.

(AFTER THE JUMP: Freddy Adu Post-Post-Racial America™ means it’s time for an Asian Bias update? Al Michaels ignores the point spread? It’s still baseball season?)

I headed over to Stadio Olimpico and bought a ticket from a scalper in time to hear the public address announcer read a short statement expressing sadness about the “tragici avvenimenti negli Stati Uniti del pomeriggio” —”the tragic events in the United States this afternoon. And then, for the more than 80,000 folks, it was game on.


In a mostly light write-up of the Real Madrid/DC United game, won by Real, 3-0, Mike Wise throws in an odd reference to Freddy Adu, calling him “Freddy ‘$500K or I no play’ Adu.” Considering that Adu grew up in Montgomery County without any accent, why the dialectic faux quote? As the comments section indicates, some people no like that!


While on the race-baiting jag: With the Prof. Gates/Ofcr. Crowley brouhaha/brew-haha signalling the era of Post-Post-Racial America™, it’s time for another inflammatory report on the Asian Bias™ in Golf.

Jennifer Song won the U.S. Women’s Amateur golf title yesterday in match play. She made it to the final round by whupping Tiffany Lua in the semis. Song becomes only the second golfer to win the U.S. Women’s Amateur and the Public Links Championship. Pearl Sinn is the other dual winner.

And Tiger Woods humiliated Padraig Harrington, while taking the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio.

Cheap Seats Daily will continue to hype the Asian Bias™ until Lou Dobbs — or, what the heck, even Mike Wise —  treats our reports like real news.


The Tennessee Titans ran out the clock by having the punter run out of the end zone in last night’s opening telecast of the 2009 preseason. Since special teams play is perhaps the difference between making a team and getting cut, together with the conventional wisdom that winning and losing don’t matter in the preseason, that strategy seemed very odd.

Play-by-play man Al Michaels shrieked something like “If you care about that, you’re crazy!”

Well, as Crazy Al surely knew: Vegas had the Titans as a 2 1/2-point favorite. The intentional safety guaranteed Tennessee would cover.


All the Nats players looked really big to me at Saturday’s game. Maybe it was because the big baseball news all day was David Ortiz‘s odd press conference earlier in the day denying ever using steroids. Why did he wait so long to say that? And, has he seen his rookie card? As one blogger noted two years ago, when Big Papi was everybody’s teddy bear, Ortiz has “gained the weight of a 12-year-old boy” since entering the league. And the second-biggest baseball news of the weekend also involved contraband, sort of. Turns out the feel-good tale of 2008 might have been all bull: Josh Hamilton, the troubled and tattooed slugger who told anybody with a microphone how God was keeping him away from all intoxicants, admits he hasn’t really been staying away from all intoxicants. Hamilton confessed only after Deadspin printed pictures of him partying. For anybody else, the photos would funny. For Hamilton, they’re really sad. His life must be a tough one.

Baseball now says the Hamilton situation isn’t a league. Baseball wants to send the message that performance enhancing drugs are harmful to kids. Yet the damage alcohol inflicts is to steroids’ toll as the atom bomb is to a pea shooter. Would the world be a worse place if the scoreboard clock was sponsored by HGH, and not Bud Light?

But on a giddy note: WRC led off its sports report on Saturday night’s 11 O’Clock news with the Nationals win. This on a day when the Redskins had their fan appreciation day and intrasquad scrimmage. The Nats led off again on Sunday night’s sports report. At the beginning of the year, I remember seeing even the Orioles scores delivered before the Nats on WRC. But there’s a buzz in town now!

At Saturday night’s game, all the Adam Dunn Bobbleheads were gone well before the opening pitch. I wanted to start my doll collection and maybe even become a bobblehead freak.

Then yesterday, the Nats set a season record for consecutive days where a pitcher earned a face pie, with two.

The Nats are only 12.5 games behind the NY Mets in the race for second-to-last place in the division!

This is getting exciting!

Oh darn. I forgot: It’s football season…


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