New Columbia Heights posts the highlights from a spat on the neighborhood listserv among ANC Commissioners about paying for cellphones that became a free-for-all. Favorite listserv quote: “The commission has done nothing in the way of administrative housekeeping: mail is not picked up on a regular basis, the phone bill went unpaid until service was disconnected, the rent went unpaid for 6 months—and I’m not sure it’s been paid to date, and the ANC website was shut down because the maintenance fees were not paid.” At least the commissioners are fighting in public. Let’s hear it for transparency!

Borderstan has shocking findings from its latest mini poll: People want affordable restaurants on 14th Street NW. Borderstan has some fun with the number crunching: “My initial read on the results, below, of this very unscientific poll, is that respondents tend to want more food options in the affordable range (lower-priced restaurants and delis) along with places to hang (coffee houses). In addition, people would like to have more general shopping options, including clothing stores. Noticeably, there was no excitement among respondents to this poll for more furniture stores, art galleries or clubs/lounges.”

And Now, Anacostia has pictures from the construction of the new playground at Savoy. Congress Heights on the Rise re-publishes the mayor’s office’s press release without letting its readers know. Which is bullshit. We love CHOTR and respect their work and their comments on our own City Desk. But you can’t cut and paste the mayor’s press sheet and not tell your readers. Cite your sources. No big deal.

Metrocurean notes that Taylor Gourmet was featured in the recent issue of Dwell (you know that furniture porn mag at Whole Foods checkout aisles): “The story highlights the rustic industrial look of the renovated building on H Street NE that houses not only the Italian deli but also owners Casey Patten and David Mazza. They built nearly identical apartments on the two floors over the market.”

Bloomingdale (for now) posts cool pictures of drawings on dirt.

Greater Greater Washington highlights one misguided marketing campaign from an eco-friendly condo development in Falls Church. They don’t offer free bus or Metro passes. The condo folk offer extra free parking: not one, but two spaces for a one-bedroom unit: “Now that green living is trendy, developers are touting environmentally friendly features in many new buildings. That’s great. But if the marketers then just default to the same gas-guzzling promotions that assume that more cars and more driving is always a draw, it undermines not only their message but the purpose behind it. Many of those two-bedrooms will go to couples who want a spare room, or families with babies, and they don’t necessarily need two cars even in Falls Church.”