Seems the fake Adrian Fenty Twitterer, “FentyDC,” now has some competition. From the real Fenty – or, “MayorFenty.”

The D.C. mayor – assuming it really is him; his office has yet to confirm – has only one post so far, and it clearly wasn’t written by him. The account went live last month with this tweet:

  • Mayor Adrian M Fenty’s Twitter Page Built by the 2009 Summer Youth Employment Program IT participants as part of the DC DOES SYEP. Lets talk 1:32 PM Jul 27th from web


The fake posts, about which CP wrote a few months ago, are way better:

  • I know how my AG feels. This whole “I’m sorry” thing is new to me as well.24 minutes ago from Power Twitter
  • I think the shaved head look works for me, but it is killer in this heat.about 23 hours ago from Power Twitter
  • Thinking about signing an executive order that next mayoral election be decided by a triathlon 23 hours ago from Power Twitter
  • Frat party snafu might have gone unnoticed if I didn’t bill city for my tailored Brooks Brothers toga 9:27 AM Aug 5th from Power Twitter

So far, the fake Fenty has 236 followers. The real one has 23.