Beyond the District, Beyond Where We Say We Are

Sorrow from disappointment The television ads are our salvation

SmartTrip doesn’t get us far But we get to where we need to be Nowhere…

Everything’s the same Day by day Boredom controls us all

Violence erupts Kids smilin’ They never knew what hit ’em

The national anthem doesn’t unite us It gives us a reason to believe Things can never be done right

Eternal silence The tension is unbearable This place has a different lifestyle

School isn’t taken seriously Texts turn into our own personal creation Self-taught, maybe it’ll get you somewhere

Mambo sauce Brainwashes the mind Addicted to this, my life expectancy has decreased

Go-go beats My heart into another dimension Desire to dance toward sin

Scared of your shadow These streets are from the damp and dark places That give us a chill, a sudden fear

Everything is given to us But it’s always turned down Life is so much harder

Violation of all aspects You can never own what you’ve never had Everybody isn’t treated the same

People don’t care About the things they bring into this world Things just run astray

Thoughts are clustered Focus is destroyed Failure. Drop out.

We exist beyond the golden arch Power is our main source of anger Money creates this frustration

We are among the unknown We are expected to achieve great things Our presence ignites skepticism

The star on the map We are creators of this asylum –Kiana Murphy

From the Summer 2009 edition of hArtworks, a literary magazine published by Charles Hart Middle School and the D.C. Creative Writing Workshop. The magazine is written and edited by the students in the after-school writing club at Hart.