From this week’s New Yorker profile of Michael Bloomberg, by Ben McGrath:

Far more than Rudy Giuliani, who parlayed his symbolic role as the stoic face of leadership after September 11th into the honorary title of America’s Mayor, Bloomberg deserves the label, advising lesser cities in replicating his data-driven initiatives, like a political franchise. “They see it as part of their mission to export ideas,” Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, said of Bloomberg’s crew….Booker and other ambitious younger mayors around the country, like Adrian Fenty, in Washington, D.C., call him Papa Smurf.

Which raises the question, which Smurf does that make Fenty?

Allow LL to float some possibilities, from Wikipedia:

  • “Brainy Smurf fancies himself as the all-around brain of the village and an expert on everything, although he is usually wrong.” Mmm…no.
  • “Jokey Smurf is a cheerful Smurf who enjoys playing tricks on the other Smurfs.” Naah.
  • “Dreamy Smurf is always dreaming of other places and other things.” Maybe, but that sounds more like Booker.
  • “Greedy is an exceptionally gluttonous Smurf. He has an exceptional interest in eating cakes and other pastry.” McNugget revelation aside, definitely not.
  • “Vanity Smurf is the epitome of a Narcissist. He has a flower in his hat, and he often holds a hand mirror, staring into his own reflection, which he kisses often.” Now we’re talking.