Sandra “SS” Seegars has organized a rally in support of Cora Masters Barry‘s Recreation Wish List Committee. As everyone knows, the city has moved to evict Barry from the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center.

The rally is being held this Friday at 6 p.m. outside the center at 701 Mississippi Avenue SE.

Seegars tells City Desk: “I believe it’s the best center in the ward. It’s clean. She has the types of programs that are very organized, very structured.” Seegars, when asked if she plays tennis herself: “Oh, no. I’m not a sports person.”

But Seegars is very much a community person. She says she has attended ANC meetings there as well as other functions. Even Barry, she says, has shed her intimidating rep and has become a vital part of the neighborhood.

“Since she’s been at the tennis center, she has changed,” Seegars says. “You can’t be nice to children and mean to the world. The soft side of her has come out since she’s been at the tennis center. I don’t think she hugs yet. She’s not a touchy feely person. But I can see how she is with children. You can see the love in her eyes. It’s not fake.”