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*WMATA begins installing wireless service in “20 of Metro’s busiest underground stations.” Project slated for completion by October 16. All the better to tweet when you see a Metro employee asleep at the wheel, dear! Meanwhile, as the Baltimore Sun observes, Metro’s “summer of horrors” continues.

*This week in Cal Thomas: The over-syndicated enfant vieillard terrible compares Britain’s coverage of the health care debate to the War of 1812.

*The Washington Independent‘s Dave Weigel files one of the more readable eulogies for Robert Novak, in which he recalls the columnist’s abundant disdain for blogs:

[Novak] was wrong in diagnosing blogs as a source of rot in journalism; the real problems with political reporting are reliance on spoon-feeding and spin, deference to powerful people even when they’re wrong or lying, and the elevation of experts who don’t know anything beyond what their sponsors tell them. At his worst, on cable news, Novak enabled that. At his best, Novak cut through all of that and did real reporting that exposed what powerful people were thinking when the cameras were off. We need more of that.

*Tonight’s City Lights pick: Alex Cox‘s Sid and Nancy at AFI. All about Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten. Beaujon sez go! (Sort of.)

*And who doesn’t miss Mr. T in DC? A little bird tells me you’re more likely to find him on Twitter than on LiveJournal.

*Remember LiveJournal?

Photograph by Flickr user vitalyzator, Creative Commons Attribution License.