WaPo has a nice little incremental story on the controversy surrounding the Recreation Wish List Committee’s looming eviction from the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. Fenty and Co. appear confused about how to handle the Committee’s Honcho Cora Masters Barry. D.C. Wire writes:

“‘If Cora Barry gets her corporate papers together, then we will determine if she can play a role in the future plans of the city’ said Fenty spokeswoman Erica Stanley early Wednesday.

However, Mafara Hobson, Fenty’s director of communications, called a short time later to say that Stanley’s comments did not accurately describe the administration’s position.

‘While we can’t comment on leasing or contracting issues, the administration appreciated the contribution and partnership of Cora Masters Barry over the years,’ Hobson said. ‘We will work hard to find ways to continue working with her going forward.’

Whatever the Barry-Fenty partnership may be, this reads like the administration is prepared to evict Barry from 701 Mississippi Avenue SE. What could the future work be?