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Yesterday, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty‘s office issued the following press release: ‘Fenty Administration Shuts Down 14th Vacant Problem Property in Ward Six for the Year.’

The release goes on to explain how the Ward 6 Core Team Drug Haven/Vacant Problem Property Initiative ‘shut down’ an H Street NE structure as part of its program to shutter ‘vacant commercial and residential properties that are home to drug and prostitution activities in Ward 6.’ It goes on to detail the program, compete with content-free boilerplate quotes from top agency honchos.

Aside from the question of how you ‘shut down’ an already vacant property, why, pray tell, is this news?

Is it because…

(a) Fenty is justifiably proud of closing his 14th nuisance property in the ward, more so than Nos. 1 through 13, which did not occasion press releases?

(b) Because Hizzoner’s on vacation, and is thus not offering his usual smorgasbord of quasi-newsworthy press events?

(c) Or because he’s concerned that a recent poll indicated that 48 percent of Ward 6 voters would consider voting for someone else for mayor in 2010, with an additional 15 percent saying they definitely would not vote for him? (The combined 63 percent is the highest of the three wards surveyed, as is the 46 percent of Ward 6 residents who said they were ‘disappointed’ in Fenty’s performance as mayor.)

You decide!