Great scoop by the AP on Jayson Blair, the fallen New York Times reporter who now finds himself working as a “life coach” for “one of the most respected mental health practices in northern Virginia.” Blair’s boss at Ashburn Psychological Services, Michael Oberschneider, was impressed with his work “after seeing him lead a support group for people with bipolar disorder that Blair founded in his hometown of Centreville after being diagnosed himself.”

The story indicates that Blair is doing great work and that clients have come forth with not a single complaint about his counseling services.

Back in 2003, when Blair was singlehandedly discrediting the entire profession of journalism, I had several conversations with him about his work. Some of the things he was saying and writing turned out to be either untrue or self-serving exaggerations of the truth.

But there’s one thing I will say for him: He was an engaging conversationalist. Loved to gab and dish and relate. If he’s applying that skill in his new line of work, then it’s no wonder that his boss says he relates to his clients “just beautifully.”