Okay, so Savage Love is – maybe, possibly – coming to TV!

Dan Savage, the syndicated sex columnist and editorial director of the Seattle alt weekly The Stranger, yesterday wrote on the paper’s news and arts blog that he has been in Los Angeles all month working on a “non-airing presentation pilot” for HBO that would basically bring his advice column to the screen. The screen!

According to a draft of press release that’s sitting on my desk here at HBO—in my own office! with a lock on the door! I could be naked in here!—”Savage Love,” the (potential) teevee show, “will focus on current events and cultural trends with sex as the filter.” I’m hoping to bring a new kind of conversation to TV about sex—an honest conversation, one that’s informed without being (too) wonky, funny without being (too) cruel, sexy without being (too) cheesy. Basically, my sex-advice column—but on the teevee!

The Association of Alternative Weeklies today links to a Craigslist “Rants & Raves” section ad posted a week ago – headed “HBO Savage Love” – that offers one clue about the pilot, which is being taped Aug. 27 in Glendale, Calif. The ad seeks “people who use the CB6000 (or any model) to talk about their experiences using the device.”

That would be a male chastity belt.