She jaywalked across Route 1 with a gaggle of friends, striding towards the Bottle & Cork without pausing at the median strip, wading into oncoming traffic without pause. Their gallant pedestrianism got more than a few blasts from car horns – one, coming from an SUV, blared long enough to turn heads. She halted in the headlights, turned to face the grille and waved at the windshield, cuing a chorus of horns.

I wasn’t the only one witnessing Tiananmen, Dewey Beach: Lt. Billy Hocker’s unmarked lit its blinking snow cone-colored lights, pulled a sharp U at the light and pulled abreast the jaywalker, who was now heading at a clip for the Cork’s entrance.

She didn’t make it. Last I saw, she was bending to place her can of Coors Light on the ground. Doubtless, dozens of jaywalkers were at that moment strutting across the highway. But as any Dewey cop will tell you, rules are rules.

Though I couldn’t help but root just a little bit for the girl who stopped traffic on Route 1 – and waved like a pop star.