Frozen Tropics has more info on the recent mugging of Capital City Diner‘sowners. The owners post their own account here. As many of you know by now, the two claimed they were robbed while walking home on Bladensburg Road NE. This is just a small excerpt from their account (you really should read the entirety of their post):

“We were walking down the street, passed by a group of 4-5 young people (one in a wheelchair), one of which asked if we had any money.  After we passed about 10-15 feet, he quickly approached us, presented what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun in his pants, and then demanded money from us.  Two of us handed over some money and they fled up L St NE toward Carver/Langston.  911 was called immediately after, but it took some time for a respose and thus the police couldn’t locate them.

It also took a lot of effort to get interviewed by the police.  Frustrated with the slow response, we continued walking home, as the police had Matt’s cell number from when he called.  As we reach home, the police dispatcher calls back, asks for our current location, and Matt gives her the address, which she is heard relaying to the police unit (Trinidad 1) responding to our call.”

They finally flag down a detective nearby. But the detective is not interested in filing a report (emphasis added):

“Unfortunately, the detective tried repeatedly to convice Matt out of making a report.  He stated that a robbery hadn’t occurred since Matt “gave up the money” willingly and the suspect didn’t actually reach into Matt’s pockets to steal the money (Matt handed him the robber money when asked for it).  Matt recounted that DC code doesn’t require that a robbery physically touch someone, and that someone using fear (even without a weapon displayed) to take something is considered robbery.”

Barry Farm (Re)mixed corrects a long-standing misconception about the neighborhood: It’s not Barry Farms. It’s Barry Farm! The blogger writes: “I typically try not to go off on rants in my blog, but today, I need to set the record straight. I had a conversation this morning, with a certain local politician (who will remain nameless) and he kept referring to my neighborhood as Barry Farms. It is a common mistake, but coming from someone who lives in River East and actually represents the area, I was a bit concerned that he did not seem to be aware that the neighborhood is actually called Barry Farm (no “s” at the end of Farm). I let it go, as I typically do, but while reading an email from a fellow River East resident, there it was again, in plain bold type.” Yes! “Barry Farms” annoys us to.

The Georgetown Metropolitan hits the beach.

In Bloom makes the case that Bloomingdale is its own friggin’ neighborhood—-it should not be lumped in with Eckington or Petworth. Blogger writes: “I wonder how long it will take before the tug-of-war between LeDroit Park and Eckington over who gets to annex us is joined by, say, Truxton Circle or Washington Hospital?”

Prince of Petworth posts pictures and details of the new Aroma Bakery and Market at 1320 U Street NW: “Well I checked it out this weekend and it looks great. Though it feels more like a deli than a bakery. Paninis and sandwiches range in the$5-$6 range. And they also have breakfast sandwiches like egg and cheese ($2.49).” We endorse cheap breakfast sandwiches.

Dee Does The District has come up with some back-to-school commandments.