*Checked out NBC Washington’s new “Moods”/Washington Is… section? I hadn’t! (Sorry, vacay.) Definitely interactive. Also, leads to hilarious/tacky catchphrases at the top of the homepage (see above). My problem with this is the same problem I have with “viewers’ choice awards” on reality TV shows. (Full disclosure: don’t watch many reality TV shows.) The whole “America has spoken” thing smacks of a.) Regis Philbin and b.) hypergeneralization. Still, Washington has spoken…and NBC’s new site, moodswings and all? Pretty baller! Or maybe not.

*WUSA-9 reports that four teenagers are being charged by Prince William County police for white supremacist-style vandalism:

First Sgt. Kim Chinn says police received a call at about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday that some sod had been pulled from a pallet and used to write “White Power,” “KKK” and form a swastika at Sinclair Elementary School. She says the incident may have occurred overnight.

*BREAD & BUTTER WaTimes SCOOP: Jennifer Harper upbraids the Obama admininstration for cheapening the annual remembrance of 9/11. Biggest faux pas? Evites for families of those killed at the Pentagon.

*INSPIRATIONAL REUTERS QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “The amount of solar energy falling upon the earth’s desert regions during 6 hours of a typical day equals the total amount of energy from all sources consumed by the entire population of the globe in a year’s time.”

*JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY, SORT OF: Studies show that candlelit dinners are bad for the environment!