So, Fox news reports gleefully on two-timer William Taylor of Centreville, who gave commuters a bit of a giggle this morning.

The glum-faced Virginian stood at an intersection in Tysons Corner wearing a sign that read, “I cheated, this is my punishment.” He told a passerby that his wife had caught him cheating and had subsequently dreamed up the punishment.

Nothing like some good old-fashioned public repentance. Or is there? Didn’t he get off a bit easily? Or is this just one step towards redemption?

In any case, Mrs Taylor joins an esteemed line-up of creative vengeful females. Here’s a top three:

1) One woman from Birmingham, UK emptied around $4000 from her cheating husband’s bank account to pay for a super-size billboard denouncing him and his lover.

2) Another thwarted British wife sold her husband’s Lotus Esprit Turbo Sports car on Ebay for 90 cents. The auction lasted 5 minutes and 3 seconds.

3) A man from Wiconsin wound up with his penis glued to his stomach, after his angry wife and three girlfriends found out about each other and decided to exact revenge.

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