Cold front coming in. We’re looking at temps in the 70s over the next couple of days, as if the weather decisionmakers were saying, Hey, I feel a bit post-Labor Day already—-let’s whip up some fresh temperatures and see how that works. Just watch: Even though it’ll still be plenty warm out, everyone’s going to be breaking out sweaters and stuff. Ridiculous.

And this is something else ridiculous. It’s Sunday afternoon, a great weather scenario, with temps in the 80s and intermittent sunshine thanks to a nice bit of cloud coverage. We’re at Francis Pool, 25th and N Streets NW. It’s usually packed there, but as the clouds roll in, it seems, the crowd thins. Why is it that people sunbathe? It’s the stupidest expenditure of time and human resources since golf.

Cops working out—-somehow that’s news.

Colby King, ever a stickler on violence among today’s youth, pulls out a nice column on a ward of the city who’s been charged with murder.

Scoop of the weekend belongs to Washington City Paper‘s Mike Riggs, who nailed the removal of the ghost bike commemorating the death of Alice Swanson, who was killed by a garbage truck while riding her bike at the intersection of Connecticut and R Streets NW. Riggs has another piece on the latest turn of events, as Swanson’s aunt placed another memorial there with a note, “Why has the mayor taken the bike?” That’s a fine question. I’ll say that the ghost bike at that intersection served as a very appropriate, and appropriately lasting reminder not only of Alice Swanson but also of the dangers that face everyone out there who plies the roads in whatever mode—-driver, cyclist, pedestrian, passenger.

Plus, on purely aesthetic grounds, what’s the fuss about a bright white bicycle? It doesn’t count as blight, city officials. Aren’t there legitimate eyesores to be carted away?