*UNWANTED SLUMBER PARTY: WTOP reports that a Georgetown student discovered a strange man in her bed yesterday morning. The G’town Cuddler strikes again? Police aren’t sure:

“She screamed, he fled, and detectives responded,” says D.C. Police Commander Matt Klein, “and subsequently took a report for a second degree sexual abuse.”

The only description detectives have is the man had a scruffy beard.

*ALONG THE SAME LINES: WUSA9 has the story of Richard Abner Simon, who is being charged with “Felony Indecent Liberties” after being accused of exposing himself to a 10-year-old girl in Arlington.


Kaitlyn [Maher], one of the top 10 finalists on “America’s Got Talent,” who has an upcoming Disney movie and debut album, was still very much a 5-year-old. Already, though, her Twitter account read: “kaitlynmaher Is looking forward to ‘Washington Post’ reporter visiting tonight to do an interview with her! :).”

*…and Rebecca Armendariz of the Washington Blade takes the Post to task for its NOM “puff piece.” To wit:

Did everybody read the Washington Post‘s puff piece on the hate-spewers at the National Organization for Marriage that ran on Friday? The one that basically said, “Hey gays, we’re going to not only run this sunny portrait of a bigot, but also plaster a photo of him and his lovely wife across the top of the page!” The one with the headline, “Opposing gay unions with sanity and a smile”?

*TONIGHT’S CITY LIGHTS PICK: Traffic at AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center. As Erik Wemple observes: “Stress is the essence of Michael Douglas.” Also, special prize for anyone who can answer the following: Why does AFI use the British spelling for “Theatre” but the American spelling for “Center”?

Photograph by Flickr user striatic, Creative Commons Attribution License.