Washington Post‘s James V. Grimaldi today nails Dan Snyder and the Redskins for opaque and greedy season ticket policies. The story goes straight to the point: The Skins had been selling tickets to brokers, an action that goes against team policy. It also helps account for all those Steeler fans who showed up at FedExField last year.

The money shot in this piece comes via the inevitable ass-covering statement from the Redskins’ top quotemeister, and this iteration is just glorious:

“Somebody in the ticket office was doing something they shouldn’t have been doing, and when it was discovered, it was all dealt with,” Redskins Senior Vice President Karl Swanson said. “If the story is, this is a scandal, uncovered by Redskins, verified by The Post, or whatever, yeah, we’re telling you: People got tickets who shouldn’t have gotten tickets, and they were dealt with.”

Snyder’s ticket-and-parking policies, dalliances with brokers, and his legendary season ticket waiting list have long been obsessions of our own amazing sports columnist Dave McKenna.