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The Issue: The 11th Street Bridge Replacement Project hopes to improve the transport connection between Southeast-Southwest freeway and the Anacostia Freeway. Jolly good plan, DDOT, says the National Capital Planning Committee (NCPC). Except for the proposed streetcar overhead wires, obviously.

Opponent: A new NCPC report says: “The Commission does not support a streetcar system with overhead wires because it supports the unobstructed views to important landmarks along the cities [sic] streets and avenues.”

Proponent: Greta Fuller ANC commissioner for 8A03 says, “I’m not against the street car wires if that’s how it’s got to run. But I’ve got worries for the immediate residents in the area, with the traffic they are going to bottle neck us in.”

ANC 8A07 Commissioner Lendia Johnson is against the street wires…because they’ll have streetcars attached: “I’m not happy about the streetcars at all, the street is too narrow…I don’t want to see no wires hanging over no bridge.”

Next step: The NCPC is set to review the 11th Street bridge plan on Thursday.